Tiny Vintage Finds

Digging and collecting vintage has been a hobby of mine for years. Since I had my little one collecting baby and toddler vintage has been my fave. Any time we go digging I am way more excited about what I am going to find for my little girl than what I may find for myself lol. I get a high when I find rad baby/toddler rompers and jackets.




I decided that since I have loads of baby/toddler finds I will be posting some on my Etsy– especially since my little one has grown out of most of it.

Of course I have a couple of vintage items for boys as well baby and toddler – still in the process of getting to it and taking photos of it all. I legit have bins and bins of stuff and it’s taking me some time to sort through it all. Slowly but surely I will be posting and I’ll be sure to update here once it is up.

I have a few Harley Davidson items for baby/toddlers as well that I will post soon too.

Spending my weekend updating and organizing my shop. I got really spoiled when the Mercari app came around because it literally does the work for you – buying and selling was so easy on there including the labeling and shipping. However, the down side to that was I neglected my Etsy and was not promoting it enough since I was selling on Mercari. In the end my shop suffered and Mercari began taking a percentage like most the selling apps – which made us all hike up our prices. No fun. This weekend I will be removing the remainder of my items to my Etsy shop as well as all the vintage I have had tucked away. Thanks for reading babes.

Xx Hope your heart can breathe.

Hair Chameleon

Every babe loves changing their hairstyle from time to time – makes a girl feel like a new woman! Whether it’s a drastic cut from long to short – or adding fringe aka BANGS or even a new color etc. And then of course the drastic hair transformation that takes place when you have a break up or get your heart broken LOL. As they say, once a girl changes her hairstyle it is officially OVER. haha.

I am constantly changing my hairstyle – somewhat of a hair chameleon. My hair was down to my butt most my life and I have always gone back and forth from short to long – fringe to no fringe – middle part to side part etc. Lately I have been having so much fun w my hair! It is in a weird stage because it is growing and I have yet to get it cut again and my bangs are in and in between stage as well. The most flirty length – in my opinion- is when it is right passed the shoulders. So fun and flirty and easy to work w! Not too short but not annoyingly too long – and of course if you have thick hair – it dries fasterrr.


This has been my favorite and most fun hairstyle lately – and do not be fooled – I still have bangs! Believe it or not. I sectioned my hair off and curled it under and after each curl I rolled it under and pinned it w a bobby pin. I did this on my entire head including my bangs. Once it sat for an hour I sprayed it and took it out and very gently brushed it out. Of course you have to add a pomade to the bangs if you have short ones like myself! I love the wavesss.



This second style was a bit harder and as you can see the bangs are much different. Depending on the length of your bangs you can do diff things w this style. However – w this one I curled some of the hair in different directions to give a less sleek look – seems less modern – more vintage looking. And the front helps the style out too! I left the pinned curls in overnight on this one btw!


Casual middle part. As you know I still have my fringe and tend to straighten my hair from time to time – now that it is growing out I am not a fan of it being straight – but I love the bangs and cannot let them go! (my hair is naturally wavy). Only thing I use when I straighten it is CHI oil.


I like to wash my hair – and spray ‘Not Your Mother’s’ BEACH BABE Texturizing Seal Salt Spray and let it air dry and just throw a hat on – you’d have no idea how it actually looks underneath lol. I let the hat flatten my hurr so it does not frizz and once i take the hat off it looks like…..


Soft casual waves w out too much frizz.

Having thick hair has always been a challenge to do ‘out the door’ hairstyles. When you have thick hair you cannot just wash it and run out the door – especially if it is naturally wavy or curly. I highly recommend ‘Not Your Mother’s’ hair products. I use their shampoo, conditioner and texturizing sea salt spray and it does WONDERS!!! PS. Their dry shampoo is pretty bomb too.

Cleansing your dreams

img_6303{‘The Witches Almanac’}

In the last two days we got a whole lot of rain here in LA. I took it upon myself to set out a bowl to collect the rain water. Sleeping w water by your bedside is a great practice for those wanting to cleanse the mind and energy of any unwanted negativity. We are most vulnerable when we sleep and the water works to attract and hold any unpleasant energy or vibrations that may be stirring up/ circulating.

Of course you do not necessarily need rain water – I happened to just take advantage since it was pouring so much. And w rain water there is a changing energy present that tends to provide a connection to current events as well as mass consciousness. Also bringing a better understanding of your surroundings. You can just as easily use tap water and add a teaspoon of salt. Why the salt? This is because the crystals in the salt act as a stimulus, releasing the water’s essential powers.

When you wake make sure to discard of the water immediately. I tend to toss outside just because I would rather do away w whatever bad juju the water picked up and have it outside of my home. Making a habit of sleeping w water by your beside can definitely improve your well being, giving you peace of mind, centering you and cleansing your dreams. It has become a nightly ritual for me – and I’ve never felt better.

If you wish to dig deeper into other water sources you may use and their characteristics – The Witches’ Alamanc goes into further detail.

Wishing you all the sweetest and purest of dreams. And of course, I hope your heart can breathe.

What is it your heart desires?

Whatever it is your heart desires- do it, create it, get it out of you and bring it to life. So many of us bottle things up – and we open quite nicely once we put the thoughts onto paper and bring them to life. We all have a talent of some sort that we hold – a unique characteristic or creation not yet created- we just have to believe we are worthy. Worthy enough to make things come to life – we have to believe in ourselves because no one’s going to if you don’t believe in you first. Hell, I cannot tell you how many have fooled me into believing I was worthy of something – whether it be affection, a friendship, a bond, a dream..love. etc. I had to believe it MYSELF. I have seen far too often people having hid their dreams deep inside- all bottled up. Maybe not even aware they existed so, until asked what it was they dreamed to become or what is what they dreamed to do. Some became shocked at the words they said – unaware those aspirations lived within them.

I encourage those I know to write all the time – to get their thoughts out and onto paper no matter what it be. Whether it be to vent – to write of love – map out your business ventures – map out your plans for success etc. Whatever that might be – write it out – get it out of you and read it out loud.

Manifest the life you want to live – manifest the success as though it may be happening. Pin it up somewhere if it helps, keep a journal if you prefer, keep a box full of your dreams or however you wish, and believe it. Believe it and believe in yourself. Wake up every morning and tell yourself good things – be good to yourself – encourage yourself. Your self talk is so important, just as important as self-love. Believe in you and the universe will follow.


Hope your heart can breathe..

Oh, Full Moon


Full Moon in Cancer – yes, full of emotions! We all know and love an emotional moody cancer – so just imagine! Be sure to create and manifest, manifest, manifest. Spread love and be easy on yourself. Do away w what no longer  serves you if you haven’t already allowed Mercury Retrograde to take care of that. Recognize what is holding you back, spread those beautiful wings and fly. Fly – and heal- and GROW. Try to remember to be gentle on yourself especially during this time. It will be an emotional Full Moon for many so be kind to yourself. Everything may be confusing and intense right now but just hold on. And remember, we’re all just walking each other home. We’re all in this together, trying to find our way – trying to find our purpose.

I try to do mini rituals any time there is a Full Moon etc. It is a great time to also re-do your vision boards if you have some – or make one if you have yet to. My vision board is hanging above a mini altar w my crystals and candles and this vile below that I never leave the house w out during this magical time.


Moon bathe your crystals under the Moonlight. Say a beautiful mantra while staring into a candle. Let the universe do the rest. img_3260




Hope your hearts can breathe.. x

Good Riddance Retrograde

This retrograde was one of the most intense I have ever experienced, and it seems many agreed. It arrived around an upcoming New Moon, just before the holidays and left yesterday not long after the new year.

Mercury Retrograde + NYE was just not the bizz. This was one of the most confusing, rocky retrograde times I have dealt w. As long as I arrived in the new year in style and w my good health – that is all a girl can really ask for! I mean look at that dress!



NYE may have been a bust but arriving and leaving in style is important as well as making a statement – I’m pretty sure I did my best, heavy hearted and all!

As long as you don’t break retrogrades rules you won’t suffer. Remember, no traveling during that time, no serious talks, no signing contracts or creating something new. Lay low during that time and be aware that there are many instances of miscommunication, misunderstanding and it’s best to tread lightly. Don’t take things too seriously. Hang out in a cave!  Hug and hold your crystals tightly light a candle and do a healing spell for extra measure 😉

PS. Don’t forget there is a Full Moon coming up! Manifest, manifest, manifest!


Little creations

I’ve been quite a lag and I apologize but being a Mum takes priority and lately my little toots has been in her lovely ‘terrible twos’ phase. So bear w me lol.

My Etsy is up and running and there are several Choker creations there and most importantly- affordable at that! Get $2 off when you spend $10 by using code ‘WITCHMAS’ now until New Year’s Day!


I made some variations on my etsy for those that want a certain trim and specific charm. You have a choice on some of the listings to choose the choker and charm. Enjoy ! Xx