Au Fudge Sundays

We finally had a chance to check out Au Fudge yesterday and I’m glad we did! It was a warm day out and I was in the mood for a nice refreshing drink w a beautiful setting – but also somewhere my little one could run around. I had initially heard about this place from a gf – and upon investigating it a bit I discovered they had a whole creative space for the kiddies!!! An entire room dedicated to the little babes – and lots for them to do. What’s not to love about that?! Mommies get to let down their hair while they’re babes stay entertained.

Of course I had to try their MILF cocktail ūüėČ It’s definitely the go-to drink if you’re a Mum and love T E Q U I L A. Only downfall was i had to be extra careful while drinking due to my plunging neckline! And check out the new choker that will be joining my Etsy shop tonight!!!


My top is actually a NA-KD dress a friend gave to me but I wore a button-front skirt over it to change the look up a bit – not to mention – it was sheer! Check out those sleeves!


Can we take a minute to admire my new block heels from GoJane?! I am so in love w them. They come in pastel colors too! I’m definitely going to order the blue pastel they have available!


Thanks so much Au Fudge for the hospitality and a great time! We will be back ASAP.

Babes, be sure to check back later for the Wrap Heart Concho Choker (pictured above) on my Etsy.








N E W Choker v i b e s

SPRING is here – and chokers are still on the rise. What’s not to love about delicate neck accessories?! I created some warm colored chokers for the season to add flirty flare to your wardrobe.


I usually work w only silver charms, however I had requests for gold so I finally added charms w hints of gold for a warmer vibe. The mini heart conchos absolutely stole my heart. Above are the two new styles I added to my Etsy shop yesterday. Of course I included more styles w the Vegan Suede cord РI tend to work w faux suede rather than the real thing Рalthough I am open to requests.

HOORAY for P A S T E L S! Finally have some colorful neck accessories added to the shop.

FullSizeRender (11)

Spring time fine equals warmer tones and vibes . .so I was so happy to introduce these pretty colors!

FullSizeRender (10)

And uh, who doesn’t love a dainty little¬†T A S S L E?! As an FYI – there is only two available in each tassle style so head over to my shop and take advantage before they’re gone!

Thank you for all your support – hope your heart can breathe. Xx

Mini Vintage G E M S. .

More V I N T A G E mini’s!! Digging this weekend was a success & as promised I have new gems finally added to my Etsy shop! I am so in love w these mini vintage pieces. .instant HEART EYES.

And who isn’t obsessed w P A S T E L S right now?! So insanely perfect for the season.


Of course, can’t forget about the bb boys;

Can I just say that I wish these Vintage bb girl Levi’s fit me?! These are an absolute g e m.

Was definitely hard to let these pieces go, they’re so so precious. Now h u r r y & go shop before I change my mind ūüėČ ! Xx

Vintage Baby Harley

I’m no stranger to Vintage Harley Davidson, especially w todays trends. Any chance I get my hands on Vintage Baby Harley items I grab them! It started out as me looking for my little ones sizes and once she’d grow out of them I’d pack them away. Today, I dig for all youth size from infant to toddler etc..because umm, how can you not?! Little mini biker babies = HEART EYES.

Here are the Baby Harley additions I have made to my Etsy shop as promised ;


For more info on the sizes and prices etc, refer to etsy link above. The Harley Snap back is infant and I cannot seem to find another one like it anywhere. I have googled & searched many times over trying to find another one in a bigger size Р w no luck to this style anywhere.

Another new addition to my shop that is totally unrelated to Harley is the letterman jacket below;

Also as an FYI, the two styles below from my prior post have SOLD which is why they disappeared from my shop;

Happy hunting! Hope your heart can breathe.. x

Tiny Vintage Finds

Digging and collecting vintage has been a hobby of mine for years. Since I had my little one collecting baby and toddler vintage has been my fave. Any time we go digging I am way more excited about what I am going to find for my little girl than what I may find for myself lol. I get a high when I find rad baby/toddler rompers and jackets.




I decided that since I have loads of baby/toddler finds I will be posting some on my Etsy– especially since my little one has grown out of most of it.

Of course I have a couple of vintage items for boys as well baby and toddler – still in the process of getting to it and taking photos of it all. I legit have bins and bins of stuff and it’s taking me some time to sort through it all. Slowly but surely I will be posting and I’ll be sure to update here once it is up.

I have a few Harley Davidson items for baby/toddlers as well that I will post soon too.

Spending my weekend updating and organizing my shop. I got really spoiled when the Mercari app came around because it literally does the work for you – buying and selling was so easy on there including the labeling and shipping. However, the down side to that was I neglected my Etsy and was not promoting it enough since I was selling on Mercari. In the end my shop suffered and Mercari began taking a percentage like most the selling apps – which made us all hike up our prices. No fun. This weekend I will be removing the remainder of my items to my Etsy shop as well as all the vintage I have had tucked away. Thanks for reading babes.

Xx Hope your heart can breathe.

Hair Chameleon

Every babe loves changing their hairstyle from time to time – makes a girl¬†feel like a new woman!¬†Whether it’s a drastic cut from long to short – or adding fringe aka BANGS or even a new color etc. And then of course the drastic hair transformation that takes place when you have a break up or get your heart broken LOL. As they say, once a girl changes her hairstyle it is officially OVER. haha.

I am constantly changing my hairstyle – somewhat of a hair chameleon. My hair was down to my butt most my life and I have always gone back and forth from short to long – fringe to no fringe – middle part to side part etc. Lately I have been having so much fun w my hair! It is in a weird stage because it is growing and I have yet to get it cut again and my bangs are in and in between stage as well. The most flirty length – in my opinion- is when it is right passed the shoulders. So fun and flirty and easy to work w! Not too short but not annoyingly too long – and of course if you have thick hair – it dries fasterrr.


This has been my favorite and most fun hairstyle lately Рand do not be fooled РI still have bangs! Believe it or not. I sectioned my hair off and curled it under and after each curl I rolled it under and pinned it w a bobby pin. I did this on my entire head including my bangs. Once it sat for an hour I sprayed it and took it out and very gently brushed it out. Of course you have to add a pomade to the bangs if you have short ones like myself! I love the wavesss.



This second style was a bit harder and as you can see the bangs are much different. Depending on the length of your bangs you can do diff things w this style. However – w this one I curled some of the hair in different directions to give a less sleek look – seems less modern – more vintage looking. And the front helps the style out too! I left the pinned curls in overnight on this one btw!


Casual middle part. As you know I still have my fringe and tend to straighten my hair from time to time – now that it is growing out I am not a fan of it being straight – but I love the bangs and cannot let them go! (my hair is naturally wavy). Only thing I use when I straighten it is CHI oil.


I like to wash my hair – and spray ‘Not Your Mother’s’ BEACH BABE Texturizing Seal Salt Spray and let it air dry and just throw a hat on – you’d have no idea how it actually looks underneath lol. I let the hat flatten my hurr so it does not frizz and once i take the hat off it looks like…..


Soft casual waves w out too much frizz.

Having thick hair has always been a challenge to do ‘out the door’ hairstyles. When you have thick hair you cannot just wash it and run out the door – especially if it is naturally wavy or curly. I highly recommend ‘Not Your Mother’s’ hair products. I use their shampoo, conditioner and texturizing sea salt spray and it does WONDERS!!! PS. Their dry shampoo is pretty bomb too.

Cleansing your dreams

img_6303{‘The Witches Almanac’}

In the last two days we got a whole lot of rain here in LA. I took it upon myself to set out a bowl to collect the rain water. Sleeping w water by your bedside is a great practice for those wanting to cleanse the mind and energy of any unwanted negativity. We are most vulnerable when we sleep and the water works to attract and hold any unpleasant energy or vibrations that may be stirring up/ circulating.

Of course you do not necessarily need rain water – I happened to just take advantage since it was pouring so much. And w rain water there is a changing energy present that tends to provide a connection to current events as well as mass consciousness. Also bringing a better understanding of your surroundings. You can just as easily use tap water and add a teaspoon of salt. Why the salt? This is because the crystals in the salt act as a stimulus, releasing the water’s essential powers.

When you wake make sure to discard of the water immediately. I tend to toss outside just because I would rather do away w whatever bad juju the water picked up and have it outside of my home. Making a habit of sleeping w water by your beside can definitely improve your well being, giving you peace of mind, centering you and cleansing your dreams. It has become a nightly ritual for me – and I’ve never felt better.

If you wish to dig deeper into other water sources you may use and their characteristics – The Witches’ Alamanc goes into further detail.

Wishing you all the sweetest and purest of dreams. And of course, I hope your heart can breathe.