Nifty Thrifty Overalls

It's no secret.. I got a thing for OVERALLS. This was the best Flea market find ever - and I got em for a steal! Lee overalls my exact size and measurements.. meant to be right?! It was DESTINY. I pretty much live in them, especially on my days of summoning an urban cowboy. … Continue reading Nifty Thrifty Overalls


30 Never Looked So Good

This Earthy Taurus Mama finally entered the Dirty Thirty Club! I had been looking forward to this age awhile now. It is such a privilege aging. I feel more in my own skin the older I get and I have a better understanding of myself. Women get better as they age in my opinion - … Continue reading 30 Never Looked So Good

Au Fudge Sundays

We finally had a chance to check out Au Fudge yesterday and I'm glad we did! It was a warm day out and I was in the mood for a nice refreshing drink w a beautiful setting - but also somewhere my little one could run around. I had initially heard about this place from … Continue reading Au Fudge Sundays

N E W Choker v i b e s

SPRING is here - and chokers are still on the rise. What's not to love about delicate neck accessories?! I created some warm colored chokers for the season to add flirty flare to your wardrobe.   I usually work w only silver charms, however I had requests for gold so I finally added charms w … Continue reading N E W Choker v i b e s

Vintage Baby Harley

I'm no stranger to Vintage Harley Davidson, especially w todays trends. Any chance I get my hands on Vintage Baby Harley items I grab them! It started out as me looking for my little ones sizes and once she'd grow out of them I'd pack them away. Today, I dig for all youth size from … Continue reading Vintage Baby Harley

Tiny Vintage Finds

Digging and collecting vintage has been a hobby of mine for years. Since I had my little one collecting baby and toddler vintage has been my fave. Any time we go digging I am way more excited about what I am going to find for my little girl than what I may find for myself … Continue reading Tiny Vintage Finds