This Earthy Taurus Mama finally entered the Dirty Thirty Club! I had been looking forward to this age awhile now. It is such a privilege aging. I feel more in my own skin the older I get and I have a better understanding of myself. Women get better as they age in my opinion – including the grays 😉 Definitely excited to enter this new chapter of my life. My grays welcomed me l o n g before 30 did!

I spent the last night of my twenties strolling around w my little one. We got all dolled up and had dinner. It wasn’t until I had her 3 years ago that I really felt like a woman, entering motherhood.


We wore our matching dresses which were both purchased at Nordstrom – cute right?! How on Earth did we find dresses so similar – o b s e s s e d!


Of course it isn’t a party w out my girls. We had a small get together @ Lock and Key for Ice Cream Sunday along w my gf Justine & friend TK – who came to visit from Vietnam! Thank goodness it was a day party – cause the older I get, I can’t seem to hang all night.


Floral top: Forever21 Gold Choker: New York and Co



Love all the light, earthy tones and springy florals. I live for s p r i n g and of course, TAURUS season. E A R T H Y.

Can you believe my hair and makeup stood throughout the heat?! It was insanely hot that day and while I was curling my hair, I was dreading the thought of it going flat or frizzy – but it looked soo good! Thank G O D D E S S.


Cheers to Thirty! Xx


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