Vintage Baby Harley

I’m no stranger to Vintage Harley Davidson, especially w todays trends. Any chance I get my hands on Vintage Baby Harley items I grab them! It started out as me looking for my little ones sizes and once she’d grow out of them I’d pack them away. Today, I dig for all youth size from infant to toddler etc..because umm, how can you not?! Little mini biker babies = HEART EYES.

Here are the Baby Harley additions I have made to my Etsy shop as promised ;


For more info on the sizes and prices etc, refer to etsy link above. The Harley Snap back is infant and I cannot seem to find another one like it anywhere. I have googled & searched many times over trying to find another one in a bigger size –  w no luck to this style anywhere.

Another new addition to my shop that is totally unrelated to Harley is the letterman jacket below;

Also as an FYI, the two styles below from my prior post have SOLD which is why they disappeared from my shop;

Happy hunting! Hope your heart can breathe.. x