What is it your heart desires?

Whatever it is your heart desires- do it, create it, get it out of you and bring it to life. So many of us bottle things up – and we open quite nicely once we put the thoughts onto paper and bring them to life. We all have a talent of some sort that we hold – a unique characteristic or creation not yet created- we just have to believe we are worthy. Worthy enough to make things come to life – we have to believe in ourselves because no one’s going to if you don’t believe in you first. Hell, I cannot tell you how many have fooled me into believing I was worthy of something – whether it be affection, a friendship, a bond, a dream..love. etc. I had to believe it MYSELF. I have seen far too often people having hid their dreams deep inside- all bottled up. Maybe not even aware they existed so, until asked what it was they dreamed to become or what is what they dreamed to do. Some became shocked at the words they said – unaware those aspirations lived within them.

I encourage those I know to write all the time – to get their thoughts out and onto paper no matter what it be. Whether it be to vent – to write of love – map out your business ventures – map out your plans for success etc. Whatever that might be – write it out – get it out of you and read it out loud.

Manifest the life you want to live – manifest the success as though it may be happening. Pin it up somewhere if it helps, keep a journal if you prefer, keep a box full of your dreams or however you wish, and believe it. Believe it and believe in yourself. Wake up every morning and tell yourself good things – be good to yourself – encourage yourself. Your self talk is so important, just as important as self-love. Believe in you and the universe will follow.


Hope your heart can breathe..


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