Good Riddance Retrograde

This retrograde was one of the most intense I have ever experienced, and it seems many agreed. It arrived around an upcoming New Moon, just before the holidays and left yesterday not long after the new year. Mercury Retrograde + NYE was just not the bizz. This was one of the most confusing, rocky retrograde times … Continue reading Good Riddance Retrograde

Little creations

I've been quite a lag and I apologize but being a Mum takes priority and lately my little toots has been in her lovely 'terrible twos' phase. So bear w me lol. My Etsy is up and running and there are several Choker creations there and most importantly- affordable at that! Get $2 off when … Continue reading Little creations


I have been completely slacking on updating my blog! Lots going on, from taking on a new job to preparing for my little ones 1st birthday party to moving! Today I filmed my first video for my new YouTube channel which will go up tomorrow. The post will be on Colour Pop cosmetics. The lovely … Continue reading Subscribe!