Mini Vintage G E M S

More V I N T A G E mini's!! Digging this weekend was a success & as promised I have new gems finally added to my Etsy shop! I am so in love w these mini vintage pieces. .instant HEART EYES. And who isn't obsessed w P A S T E L S right now?! … Continue reading Mini Vintage G E M S


Oh, Full Moon

Full Moon in Cancer - yes, full of emotions! We all know and love an emotional moody cancer - so just imagine! Be sure to create and manifest, manifest, manifest. Spread love and be easy on yourself. Do away w what no longer  serves you if you haven't already allowed Mercury Retrograde to take care … Continue reading Oh, Full Moon

Good Riddance Retrograde

This retrograde was one of the most intense I have ever experienced, and it seems many agreed. It arrived around an upcoming New Moon, just before the holidays and left yesterday not long after the new year. Mercury Retrograde + NYE was just not the bizz. This was one of the most confusing, rocky retrograde times … Continue reading Good Riddance Retrograde

Wanna know how to avoid Mercury in Retrograde?

Stay the f--- in & have some polaroid fun! The truth is, there is no way of escaping the wrath of Mercury.. I did, however survive the full moon & Friday the 13th this month! Mercury may still have it out for me for wearing white shoes before Memorial Day.. But hey, if anything goes … Continue reading Wanna know how to avoid Mercury in Retrograde?