Good Riddance Retrograde

This retrograde was one of the most intense I have ever experienced, and it seems many agreed. It arrived around an upcoming New Moon, just before the holidays and left yesterday not long after the new year.

Mercury Retrograde + NYE was just not the bizz. This was one of the most confusing, rocky retrograde times I have dealt w. As long as I arrived in the new year in style and w my good health – that is all a girl can really ask for! I mean look at that dress!



NYE may have been a bust but arriving and leaving in style is important as well as making a statement – I’m pretty sure I did my best, heavy hearted and all!

As long as you don’t break retrogrades rules you won’t suffer. Remember, no traveling during that time, no serious talks, no signing contracts or creating something new. Lay low during that time and be aware that there are many instances of miscommunication, misunderstanding and it’s best to tread lightly. Don’t take things too seriously. Hang out in a cave!  Hug and hold your crystals tightly light a candle and do a healing spell for extra measure 😉

PS. Don’t forget there is a Full Moon coming up! Manifest, manifest, manifest!


Wanna know how to avoid Mercury in Retrograde?

Stay the f— in & have some polaroid fun!


The truth is, there is no way of escaping the wrath of Mercury..
I did, however survive the full moon & Friday the 13th this month!

Mercury may still have it out for me for wearing white shoes before Memorial Day..

But hey, if anything goes awry at least I can blame it on a planet!

Get too drunk, act a fool- MERCURY WAS IN RETROGRADE!
Have a bad break up- MERCURY WAS IN RETROGRADE!