Good Riddance Retrograde

This retrograde was one of the most intense I have ever experienced, and it seems many agreed. It arrived around an upcoming New Moon, just before the holidays and left yesterday not long after the new year.

Mercury Retrograde + NYE was just not the bizz. This was one of the most confusing, rocky retrograde times I have dealt w. As long as I arrived in the new year in style and w my good health – that is all a girl can really ask for! I mean look at that dress!



NYE may have been a bust but arriving and leaving in style is important as well as making a statement – I’m pretty sure I did my best, heavy hearted and all!

As long as you don’t break retrogrades rules you won’t suffer. Remember, no traveling during that time, no serious talks, no signing contracts or creating something new. Lay low during that time and be aware that there are many instances of miscommunication, misunderstanding and it’s best to tread lightly. Don’t take things too seriously. Hang out in a cave!  Hug and hold your crystals tightly light a candle and do a healing spell for extra measure 😉

PS. Don’t forget there is a Full Moon coming up! Manifest, manifest, manifest!



I know – I know it’s been almost a year since my last post and I was in desperate need of an update. I was busy balancing being a Mum and finding my inner peace✨ Anywho!


Can I just say – obsessed!?

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of ColourPop by now, especially if you reside in LA. If not I can catch you up to speed.


ColourPOP is made here in LA and I swear by them! Anything made here I’m all for. But not only is that AMAZEballs – but one of their slogans is ‘fur baby friendly’ ! Ummmm HEART EYES. Not only are they animal friendly (no animal testing) but they are AFFORDABLE! Now that is a triple whammy and unheard of in these parts.


You can look glammed out at an affordable price. What’s not to love?! When you visit their Site & subscribe you get $5 off your first purchase!


They have some killer shades in their ‘lippie stix’ section that I adore! You can choose a subtle pout or get a little more daring as well. Their lippie stix are long lasting which I love and I have not had an issue w it drying my lips out like most lipsticks!


Don’t forget to check out their shadows+pigment section! Obsessed! I tend to do black eyeliner on the inside of my waterline and add their Super Shock Shadow in ‘To-A-T’ to the bottom of my eye and smoke it out. If I’m feeling frisky I’ll add a subtle pigment to the top of my eye & then just mascara. I like to keep it simple so I usually do not add too much color to the top of my lid or eyeliner. And of course a subtle lip color which they have plenty of! Currently using their ‘Ripa’ lip color that was inspired and made for Kelly Ripa. It’s a warm nude color and I usually live by any nude lip color since my eye makeup tends to be dark.

Go check them out and fill your carts up and tell me what you think! I’d love to hear from you.

PS. Don’t forget to subscribe w your email for $5 off your first order! Xx

UPDATE: YOUtube channel

Hi all;

A little something to update those of you awesome peeps who subscribed- I am in the process of not only getting a new laptop (crashed in the process of editing video) but also moving! It has been a hectic time for me cause I am a full time Mommy first and foremost- & have been planning my daughter’s 1st birthday!!!!

A child’s 1st birthday is always such a huge milestone in the parents and child’s life so I’ve got loads going on, lots of preparation! I appreciate each and every one of you who have already subscribed. Ya’ll are so AWESOME! Thank you again, ALL- so much for your patience. It means the world to me.

I will do a better job at keeping my blog UPDATED. Still in the process of playing catch upppppp.

Nasty Gals do it Better

So, if you’re a cool kid in the ‘know’..then you know that Nasty Gal opened on November 21 on Melrose. Although, I did not make my way over to the grand opening, as I was out of town, I made sure to make my way there a few days later when I returned to LA.


My sister was in town so her, Aluna and I stopped by and of course spent money worth spending.

I’m a bit late posting this, but wanted to make a point to address how amazingly hot their staff is and how incredibly down to earth they all were. Everyone employed there was so very pleasant and a total BABE! Great job w the hiring.

OH! And the fitting roomsssssss. You can see out, but not in..pretty rad! They make for a rad selfie.


Thanks for the pleasant experience!

s/o to Crooks & Castles for the love

Model search going on now for Men, women and children.

Be sure to enter the model search for you ladies & gents interested! And also enter in your children!!

thanks for the love & support Crooks & Castles ❤

Not to mention, my boy Danny Steezy who took the photo

love you guys.