Oh, Full Moon


Full Moon in Cancer – yes, full of emotions! We all know and love an emotional moody cancer – so just imagine! Be sure to create and manifest, manifest, manifest. Spread love and be easy on yourself. Do away w what no longer  serves you if you haven’t already allowed Mercury Retrograde to take care of that. Recognize what is holding you back, spread those beautiful wings and fly. Fly – and heal- and GROW. Try to remember to be gentle on yourself especially during this time. It will be an emotional Full Moon for many so be kind to yourself. Everything may be confusing and intense right now but just hold on. And remember, we’re all just walking each other home. We’re all in this together, trying to find our way – trying to find our purpose.

I try to do mini rituals any time there is a Full Moon etc. It is a great time to also re-do your vision boards if you have some – or make one if you have yet to. My vision board is hanging above a mini altar w my crystals and candles and this vile below that I never leave the house w out during this magical time.


Moon bathe your crystals under the Moonlight. Say a beautiful mantra while staring into a candle. Let the universe do the rest. img_3260




Hope your hearts can breathe.. x


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