Mini Vintage G E M S. .

More V I N T A G E mini’s!! Digging this weekend was a success & as promised I have new gems finally added to my Etsy shop! I am so in love w these mini vintage pieces. .instant HEART EYES.

And who isn’t obsessed w P A S T E L S right now?! So insanely perfect for the season.


Of course, can’t forget about the bb boys;

Can I just say that I wish these Vintage bb girl Levi’s fit me?! These are an absolute g e m.

Was definitely hard to let these pieces go, they’re so so precious. Now h u r r y & go shop before I change my mind 😉 ! Xx

Flea market Sundays.

Every Sunday is spent thrifting and rummaging through any and all flea markets for vintage. Lately I have gotten awfully lucky. I recently checked out the Pasadena City College (PCC) flea market for the first time and found so many vintage threads! I was in heaven. This flea in particular is in the parking lot of the school & extends to the garaged parking lot and takes up 4 floors of it!- My toots even found something, the cutest mini rocking chair!

photo 4

While shopping around, I found a few vintage dresses in my size for a good price. The dresses will have to wait for another post since they’re at the dry cleaners now. I’ll be sure to dress them up and post when they make their way back home. Check out the rad heart necklace from the 1920s! I’ve always wanted an old vintage thin chained necklace w a heart locket on it. Although this one is not a locket, I fell in love w it nonetheless.


One of the booths I stumbled across, there was an old man that makes tons of cool necklaces. I just wanted a plain jane one and he had the heart which is from the 1920s and at first it was on a wider chain, but I wanted it to look more delicate and feminine so he swapped the chains out for me. There was a locket one, but it was gold and I really wanted to silver one. My new favorite find!