Hair Chameleon

Every babe loves changing their hairstyle from time to time – makes a girl feel like a new woman! Whether it’s a drastic cut from long to short – or adding fringe aka BANGS or even a new color etc. And then of course the drastic hair transformation that takes place when you have a break up or get your heart broken LOL. As they say, once a girl changes her hairstyle it is officially OVER. haha.

I am constantly changing my hairstyle – somewhat of a hair chameleon. My hair was down to my butt most my life and I have always gone back and forth from short to long – fringe to no fringe – middle part to side part etc. Lately I have been having so much fun w my hair! It is in a weird stage because it is growing and I have yet to get it cut again and my bangs are in and in between stage as well. The most flirty length – in my opinion- is when it is right passed the shoulders. So fun and flirty and easy to work w! Not too short but not annoyingly too long – and of course if you have thick hair – it dries fasterrr.


This has been my favorite and most fun hairstyle lately – and do not be fooled – I still have bangs! Believe it or not. I sectioned my hair off and curled it under and after each curl I rolled it under and pinned it w a bobby pin. I did this on my entire head including my bangs. Once it sat for an hour I sprayed it and took it out and very gently brushed it out. Of course you have to add a pomade to the bangs if you have short ones like myself! I love the wavesss.



This second style was a bit harder and as you can see the bangs are much different. Depending on the length of your bangs you can do diff things w this style. However – w this one I curled some of the hair in different directions to give a less sleek look – seems less modern – more vintage looking. And the front helps the style out too! I left the pinned curls in overnight on this one btw!


Casual middle part. As you know I still have my fringe and tend to straighten my hair from time to time – now that it is growing out I am not a fan of it being straight – but I love the bangs and cannot let them go! (my hair is naturally wavy). Only thing I use when I straighten it is CHI oil.


I like to wash my hair – and spray ‘Not Your Mother’s’ BEACH BABE Texturizing Seal Salt Spray and let it air dry and just throw a hat on – you’d have no idea how it actually looks underneath lol. I let the hat flatten my hurr so it does not frizz and once i take the hat off it looks like…..


Soft casual waves w out too much frizz.

Having thick hair has always been a challenge to do ‘out the door’ hairstyles. When you have thick hair you cannot just wash it and run out the door – especially if it is naturally wavy or curly. I highly recommend ‘Not Your Mother’s’ hair products. I use their shampoo, conditioner and texturizing sea salt spray and it does WONDERS!!! PS. Their dry shampoo is pretty bomb too.


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