My Playboy Bunny Profile pic ;] Bunny Destiny

The Grand Opening was a success! The club hit a record 1100 people that night! It was nuts! So many people came out to see us all. The picture above was the red carpet we did for the press. It was crazyy. We made it to the wall street journal! Down below is the link to the video on WSJ.

The following night was the Grand Prix party which was pretty crazy aswell! I had two of the drivers at my table..both of them won a you can imagine how crazy my table was :]

We have 16 bunnies at the moment and I believe there to be 4 more coming. There are 2 from the Philipines, 4 from Australia, 1 from Macau, 1 from Hong Kong, 1 from Malaysia, 1 from Estonia and 5 from the states. I love all the girls ❤

More photos to come!!!

Playboy Bunnies on Wall Street Journal

‘Playboy Club Sands Macao Opening’

Playboy Club Macao Facebook Page


3 thoughts on “Playboy Club Macau Grand Opening

  1. I wish I could actually meet you in person once while your still a bunnygirl your so fine. I at least want a picture of you in your costume in person.

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